Flying in Patagonia
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The Sailplane
Living in Bariloche
Launch Music
A litlle bit of technique
Volo a Vela N° 290, Aldo Cernezzi
La scansione visiva, tecnica di osservazione
Volo a Vela N° 276, Guido Bergomi
Stabilità, carico e centraggio negli alianti
DG Flugzeugbau
Of Pressure and Probes
Andreas Maurer
Sailplane Performances as a Function of CG
Andreas Maurer
Sailplane Performances as a Function of CG
Volo a Vela N° 282, Plinio Rovesti
La teoria delle onde, Vola a Vela
Mai 2003, N° 282
Aerial Magazine (French)
N° 34, Sidonie Ohlmann et Jean-Marie Clément
Moisson de records dans les Andes
Aviasport & Vol à Voile Magazine (French)
N° 154
Patagonie 2011/2012 : l’expédition de toutes les surprises
Narrative of gliding expedition in Patagonia 2011-2012
Nº 148
Une saison sous le signe de la Niña
N° 143
Patagonie 2009-2010: Le retour aux fondamentaux
Vol à Voile N°137 - Mai-Juin 2009-07-22
Le gâteau était tellement beau qu'il n'avait pas besoin de cerise
Vol à Voile N°131 - Mai 2008
Expédition 2007, sous le signe du réchauffement global
Vol a Voile - Avril / Mai 2007, Gaëlle Médiane
Ghislaine admirer er rever...
Aviasport – Octobre 1955, pages 66-73, Plinio Rovesti
Recherches argentines sur les mouvements ondulatoires de l'atmosphère
Aviasport Barbera 04-58
De Saint-Auban à Ellikon (Suisse)
Avril 1958, D. Barbera
N° 109
Aventures Vélivoles Patagoniennes
Expédition Décembre 2002.
N° 106
Le Premier 1000 km Français Aller-Retour
Vol du 12/08/2002
N° 104
L'Hirondelle fera-t-elle l'été ?
N° 100
Le Premier 1000 km Italien Aller-Retour
Vol du 04/06/2001
Milan, Institut Polytechnique
Motorized sailplanes - 20 Years of Joy and Pain - The Stations of the Cross towards Freedom
Première Expédition Vélivole Française en Patagonie, 2002.
Gliding international
Patagonia, a 'must do' before you hang up your helmet
Bruce Cooper talks to Ritz de Luy
Newspapers, Diaries
ABX Logistics N°25
ABX Logistics in pole positione!
Volez! N° 105
Mais pourouoi donc aller voler en Patagonie?
Dauphiné Libéré
Jean-Marie Clément, l'aventurier des airs
21 mars 2004, l'est Républicain
Atterrissage Nancéien
5 dec. 2003, l'Est Républicain
Le monde à ses pieds
Sailplane & Gliding
June/July 12
Travelling waves
Alan Lapworth continues his series on waves in the atmosphere with a focus on travelling waves
Feb/March 13
Prevailing wind
Alan Lapworth investigates the seasonal variation of the prevailing wind direction in Britain
Aug/Sept 12
The process of learning - Part 2
S&G instructing adviser Mike Fox continues to discuss training with ab-initio Malcom Taylor at Seighford
June/July 12
Winning the mental game
Bernard Eckey explain how you can keep one step ahead
Aug/Sep 12
Focus on the big picture
Bernard Eckey looks at how we should focus on regular training to enhance our skills
Feb/March 2013
Brain training get results
There is no reason why practising gliding skills has to end when you climb out of the glider. Bernard Eckey explains
Aug/sept 2012
An expedition of surprises
he expedition of all surprises with interesting findings flying wave inside volcanic ashes.
Oct-Nov 2011
Initial care of a spinal injury
Initial care of a spinal injury: what to do and not to do after the crash, removal from the cockpit, transportation, diagnosis.
April-May 2012
The right dosage between agressivity and relaxation, recommendations for achieving great flights stressless and safely.
A cracker of a Christmas Day
Please, dont cry for me Argentina
The Food, fuel of the body
Volez! Nº 34, Sylvie Denais
Gare aux coups de pompe!
Volo a Vela N° 270, Loredana Di Carmine
La disidratazione e gli effetti sul pilotaggio
Vol a Voile Mag., N° 79, Hervé Staub
La nutrition du velivole
The Oxygen, comburent of the body
L' anno dei cambiamenti e delle sorprese
Volo a Vela N°294, Leo Montejo
Carenza d'ossigeno
Canada Civil Aviation Medicine
Decompression Sickness
FAA Aviation Medicine
Tiny bubbles, big troubles
EDS Mountain High
Manuel définitif EDS-D1
Heini Schaffner
L'utilisation raisonnable de l'oxygène lors de longs vols alpins
Frederick W. Rudge
Decompression Sickness
Clinical Manifestations and Treatments
Volo a Vela N° 275
Medicina aeronautica
Ossigeno ed Alta Quota
Volo a Vela Magazine (Italian)
N° 326
Una stagione sotto il segno della Niña
Narrative of gliding expedition in Patagonia 2010-2011
Nº 321
Patagonia 2009-2010: il ritorno ai fondamentali
Volo a Vela N°315 - 2009
La torta era così buona che non serviva la ciliegina!
Patagonia, sempre piú accessibile
N° 258
Le Premier 1000 km du Millénaire - Il primo 1000 km del millenio
vol du 18/03/2000
N° 267
Il primo 1000 km in A/R Alpino
volo del 04/06/2001
N° 278
Aventure volovelistiche in Patagonia, perchè, come, il risultato.
March n°278.
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