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Patagonia 2003

The second expedition organized by Jean-Marie Clément, its extraordinary conditions, good and bad times, lessons for the future...

We invite you to read Vol à Voile Magazine, issue 114 of January-February

The narrations of the main flights are included in the downloadable files.

Volare in Patagonia
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13-12-2003 In company of Fabrice Papazian, France record on 3 free points, 2582 km, the eve of my return in Europe.
Seen the best and the worse. Gone for an flight of 2500, abandoned at the km 900 for absence of wind, extraordinary conditions at mid-flight.
07-12-2003 The rain of the morning doesn't frighten the pilot, France record of speed (243 km/h) on a flight of 500 km, while leaving to the teatime.
In company of Jean-Parick Guillaud, world record missed for 3 small minutes....
02-12-2003 In company of Jean-Parick Guillaud, french speed record (145 km/h) on a flight of 1500km.
The last hours spent looking for emergency landing, because of rain and snow in Bariloche.
28-11-2003 Copy of the 26 with Fabrice Papazian.
Same motive, same punishment!!!
26-11-2003 Attempt of Northbound 1500 km with Fabrice Pérocheau, copy of the precedent.
Abort in Zapala, same motive, same punishment!
25-11-2003 Attempt of Southbound flight of 1500 km.
Complex and full of surprises flight , first "strong" contact with the wave of Bidone.
23-11-2003 The first flight of 2000 km as foreseen of the soaring history.
The pearl of 2003: the flight of 3 world records, in company of Fabrice Papazian.
21-11-2003 Northbound 1000km, with Fabrice Pérocheau, record of France of speed 141 km/h.
First flight, practice, already the waves looks powerful.

Records at the World's End

7 min of suspense for the first Out & Return 2000km of the history of gliding.
Available also professional quality in DVD-R, DVD+R & VHS PAL, email us

Night preparation

3 min about the preparation of a world record of 1500 km..

Lanin Vulcano's tour

25 sec

52 seconds ride

at the VNE at 8.000 m with a +6!

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